The Shelburne Housing Authority (SHA) owns Highland Village located off Highland Avenue in Shelburne Falls.  The Authority is governed by a five member Board of Commissioners.  Four of the commissioners are elected by the citizens of Shelburne.  The fifth commissioner is appointed by Governor of the Commonwealth.   The current commissioners are:

Susan Flaccus, Chair

Elected in 2018, Susan’s term expires in 2020

Rita Maccini, Vice Chair

Elected in 2013, Rita’s term expires in 2023

Kim Levitch, Member

Elected in 2016, Kim’s term expires in 2021

Roger Bowen Weld, Member

Elected in 2020, Roger’s term expires in 2025

Contacting the Commissioners

You may email the Commissioners at with the Board of Commissioners by mail should be sent to the attention of the Secretary Ex Officio and Executive Director of the Authority as follows:

Gina Govoni, Secretary Ex Officio

Shelburne Housing Authority

241 Millers Falls Road, Turners Falls, MA 01376

General inquiries can always be sent to  Emails sent that address will be forwarded to the appropriate party as soon as possible.