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Highland Village - Shelburne Massachusetts

The Shelburne Housing Authority owns Highland Village, which was developed in conjunction with the Franklin County Regional Housing & Redevelopment Authority (HRA). HRA continues to manage the 46 unit complex, located on 4.35 hilltop acres.

Highland Village is located a quarter of a mile form the village of Shelburne Falls.  The property offers affordable, safe housing options for income-eligible seniors (age 60 and over) and persons wilh disabilities in an attractive community setting. Shelburne residents are given preference when tenants are selected.

The Apartments

Typically, apartments include a kitchen, a living-dining area, and a bedroom. Community areas include a recreation hall with kitchen and laundry. Pets are allowed, and residents enjoy lovely views of the surrounding hills. Highland Village has one barrier-free two-bedroom and two barrier free one-bedroom accessible apartments.

Community Gatherings

The residents of Highland Village gather in the community areas for regularly scheduled events and activities. Activities include: monthly potluck dinners, holiday gatherings, gardening, and a variety of games. Residents have been known to participate in a spirited game of dice every now and again.

What Residents have to say about Highland Village ....

"It's a lot of fun to live here."
"There are friends here."
"It's nice here. It's pleasant."
"I have so many friends. People are so wonderful"
"I don't know what I'd have done without this place. It's barrier free and allows me to live alone, even with my handicaps."


Exciting News: 

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Highland Village Temporary Relocation Plan
Highland Village Temporary Relocation Plan Appendices A
Highland Village Shelburne Temporary Relocation Plan Approval